About Us

We create versatile, practical and portable card games to support trainers, teachers and facilitators who are engaged in strengthening the critical reflective capabilities of adult learners — in business, government, schools and beyond.

Our GamesWithoutNames™ are developed to teach and reinforce critical thinking, critical inquiry, critical reflection and critical dialogue.

For years we sought flexible learning tools that could be used with adult learners, toted around the globe, and adapted with little fuss for various purposes, cultures and ages. We wanted cards that were playful, yet meaningful, highly adaptable and that promote cognitive development — while masquerading as a game. In pursuit of this we created our own card games that became a quick hit with clients. When asked us for the names of our games we realized we had...GamesWithoutNames™.

Julia Sloan, www.gameswithoutnames.com. Julia holds a doctorate from Columbia University in organizational leadership development and consults around the world with businesses, governments and international agencies.

Andrew Au, Sound 5, www.sound5design.com

Adrian Phillips, www.adrianphillips.co